About Kenya Thriving

Kenya Thriving was established to partner with existing Kenyan organisations who are working with widows and orphans.

In 2009, Ken and Coral Hart visited two organisations located in the south west corner of Kenya. They were so impacted by what they saw and experienced, that they determined to positively affect the lives of the children and widows they had met. Thus began a journey, with small insignificant beginnings which took them on a steep but very privileged learning curve.

Coral particularly was deeply affected when she heard how the girls and widows often do not have access to sanitary products, or in some cases, underwear. Their first project was to raise funds for personal hygiene products and the response was overwhelming, both from those who gave and from those who received.



At the same time they provided a generator and hosing which functions as a simple irrigation system. This enabled water to be pumped up from the river onto the fields to water the maize and vegetables which are vital provisions for the children.

Soon donations were being received to provide food and a project was established which contributes food for over two hundred children.

At Kenya Thriving we believe, where possible, that the organisations with whom we work should contribute something to each project. Their contribution cannot be financial, but it may be providing labour or committing to a responsibility. The strength of partnering comes when both partners pull in the same direction.

The implementation of micro economic projects has proved both challenging and rewarding. Slowly, positive changes are taking place in the lives of those who are the most vulnerable, even within their own communities. Since 2009, we have been able to be a part of:

Simple irrigation system                                   Personal hygiene products

New school block                                                 Soap and underwear

New school uniforms                                          Fertiliser to enable increased crop yield

School supplies                                                     Food





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