Kenya Thriving Events

A Sponsored Cycle Ride for our

Food on my Plate Project


WHEN - 10th June - 20th July

WHY -  In rural areas of Kenya, the staple food is maize, from which ugali is made. Unfortunately, the drought in East Africa has resulted in food shortages nationally, meaning that food prices have tripled. In addition, there has been a local infection of the soil in the Otacho area, meaning that crops planted in February have been lost. The combination of both of these events means that the staff of Otacho Hope orphanage can only obtain maize from Uganda - at an increased cost. With almost 300 children to feed every day the situation is desperate. Currently, the children are being served just one meal per day, plus a snack.


website 11.jpgMaize, which is dried and ground to make ugali flour.







website 12.jpg

The children at Otacho Hope are served ugali for lunch.









WHO - Clearly, children cannot thrive on only one meal per day, and will quickly become sick, so Ken Hart has taken on the challenge to raise enough funds to feed the children at Otacho Hope for the next two months.

His challenge is to cycle 400kms over 40days. His target is to raise £4,000, which will (at raised prices) feed the children until the middle of August 2017. Every single penny he raises will buy food for the orphans at Otacho Hope. If you would like to support Ken, his fundraiser page is:


On behalf of every single child, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness.