Some of our Kenya projects

Time For School Project

Education is a priceless gift, helping children to reach their fullest potential. This project provides teaching staff and resource support for Otacho Hope School.

Personal Hygiene Project

This project has been funded by Kenya Thriving since 2009. It provides personal hygiene products, underwear and soap to widows and orphaned girls.

Woolly Warmers Project

This project is being supported by Kenya Thriving partners who are producing knitwear.

Food On My Plate Project

This project provides food for the widows and orphans who are cared for by our partner organisations.

Homes for Orphans

Homes For Orphans Project

In 2012, while the world focused on the Olympic Games, Kenya Thriving launched a project to build homes for orphans. Not big buildings which become institutions, but small houses where a family home can be established. Since then, Kenya Thriving has built four substantial, single storey houses which now resonate to the sound of children's laughter and play.