Time For School At Otacho Hope


Old_School_Otacho_Aug_11.jpgOnce Upon A Time .......

there was a man who lived in rural Kenya. He had a burning compassion for the many orphans within his community.

His dream was that they would have the opportunity to go to school and receive an education. So, he constructed a mud building with a mud floor and a corrugated iron roof to serve as a school. Thus his dream was beginning to take shape.

The above story is a true one and because of the dream and sacrifice of one man, along with the support of his wife, 273 children now have access to an education they wouldn't otherwise get, because they are orphaned, or their families are too poor to pay for books, school uniform etc. 


School_building.jpgAnd Then Came The Rain And Washed The School Away ....

In March 2012, during the seasonal heavy rains, the mud school succombed to the elements and was damaged beyond repair.

Since then, Kenya Thriving has funded the contruction of a new school, built of brick with concrete floors. Students and staff are delighted with their bigger and better accomodation. No longer do some classes have to be conducted outside.

Support of the school is an important project for Kenya Thriving. We fund teachers' salaries as well as providing teaching resources and stationery supplies for the students. The school still faces many challenges. They (along with the rest of the community) have no access to sanitation or electricity. The school itself lacks basic equipment such as desks and chairs, but the children are delighted to be able to learn and they apply themselves well to their studies.

School_-_Teacher_Training.jpgThey All Lived Happily Ever After....

 ..well; at least after this training session was over. The school staff face a teasing issue during a recent training session, held in one of the classrooms.

During the current acadeamic year, Kenya Thriving has sponsored an Awards system for the school. At the end of each term, four prizes are awarded, in various categories, to each of the eight classes. This will serve to encourage and motivate the students.




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