Welcome to Kenya Thriving

Firstly, thank you for visiting the Kenya Thriving website. We care for orphaned and marginalised children in Kenya. Children who have very little right now and even less for the future. Together with our Kenyan partners, Kenya Thriving wants to change the lives of 51 orphaned children by giving them a present and a future.

On this site you can hear their voices and discover the impact which is being made in their lives.  In Kenya there are many orphaned and marginalised children, but we have chosen to do our very best to impact the lives of just fifty one of them via Project 51.

Please take a look at how we do what we do and we will keep you up to date with the work we undertake and the changes which are being brought about in the lives of children.

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Help allow 10 children to attend secondary school

2023 Fundraiser Soon...

Project 51 has been and continues to be a huge success in Otacho. With the funds raised from our Virtual Cycle, in August 2022 we sent 18 children to high school giving them the gift of education. 

Make a real difference where it counts...

You may not be able to make a difference to the whole world, but you can make a significant impact in the life of one child in Kenya, by making a small donation.

It's a child's right to live in an environment where they can thrive, and know that they are safe and protected.



Kenya Thriving has built five substantial, single storey houses for Otacho Christian Children's Home, which now resonate to the sound of children's laughter and play.



Being alert means having a full tummy to start the day. The nourishing balanced diet we provide helps to keep the children able to perform well and effectively.

Personal Hygiene


Providing a range of health and hygiene supplies from medicine cabinet items to first aid. Also for cleanliness we provide soap and disinfectant.

Time for School


This unit enables all 51 children of Otacho Christian Children's Home to attend school and obtain a great education in a caring environment.

Woolly Warmers


We are all aware of the importance of keeping babies and children warm, especially during the winter months so provide winter clothes.