What we need to support the children

A holistic approach to providing sustainable care for children

Project 51 consists of 5 separate houses with 10 children per house. The children are orphans. They have no one. No support. No love and no future.

We want to change this and need your help.

The 5 houses all have names -

Chen House - House of Grace
Shalom House - House of Peace
Alisa House - House of Joy
Machaseh House - House of Refuge
Tikvah House - House of Hope

The 5 ways that we provide wholistic living for our children


£41 per month
  • Regular Meal
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Vitamins and Protein

Personal Care & Love

£4.00 per month
  • Listening & Counselling
  • Pyschological Care
  • Companionship


£6.60 per month
  • Education
  • Providing Choices
  • Sense of achievement


£2.00 per month
  • Providing warmth
  • Comfort

Medical & Home

£16.00 per month
  • Essential medication
  • Healthcare
  • Doctors Care

If via gift aid net cost is £55.70 per month
For High rate tax payer net cost is £41.75 per month

Make a real difference where it counts...

You may not be able to make a difference to the whole world, but you can make a significant impact in the life of one child in Kenya, by making a small donation.

It's a child's right to live in an environment where they can thrive, and know that they are safe and protected.