School run (or walk or cycle) update

We are now into week three of this ten-week challenge to virtually travel from Bristol to Otacho in Kenya; a distance of over 10,000kms. It is a tall order but our team of thirteen heroic fundraisers have made a great start.

We “left” Bristol Suspension Bridge on Monday 14th February and have currently travelled through France and into Spain covering 2,070 kms, which takes us almost to Gibraltar. We are a little behind where we should be at this stage but are confident we will catch up … so Africa here we come!

For those of us who are clocking up kilometres outdoors the weather has hampered us significantly, especially Storm Eunice, but the joy of this challenge is that our fundraisers can clock up distance at the gym or at home.

We have raised almost £5,000 of our £25,000 target. Nine children of Otacho Children’s Home are eagerly waiting to hear if we raise enough for them to start Secondary School in April. As tough as this challenge  is, it is not as tough as life will be for these children if we do not succeed.

Yes I’m in – Sign me up for the mission!