Ken’s Big Ride!

Ken Hart is taking on a massive challenge and doing a sponsored  bike ride in June to raise £14,000  to cover school  fees for 6 children at Otcaho. His idea is to try and raise total costs for the 4 years the children will be at high school. The bike challenge  agenda –

  • Isle of Wight arrive 15th June
  • Hope to cover 100 Kms – the route is being finalised. It will go on Strava and FB
  • Leave 17th June 

Ken’s statement

I am taking part in this event because: –

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach his/her full potential, to discover a world of knowledge and the possibilities it may offer.
The children at Otacho Christian Children’s Home have been traumatised by past experiences, but they do not have to be defined by their present circumstances. Education is a gift and will build confidence and hope. My vision is to give each child the opportunity to maximise on their potential.

Approximate Costs

The High School Costs for 6 children over 4 years is made up as follows : 

School fees –                                                     £7,850
Uniform & Shoes                                              £2,050
Stationary                                                           £2,850
Boarding requirements year one only          £400
Spending money                                               £850

Total                                                                  £14,000

This works out-at an average of £49 per month per child for 4 years.
(If you would like a more detailed breakdown please do ask).

About The Children

This year four girls and two boys from Otacho Christian Children’s Home have passed their KCPE which qualifies them to enrol at a Secondary School. They are all aged between fourteen and sixteen. Whilst they are excited and grateful for the opportunity they may get; they are not taking it for granted.  As Kenya’s schools were all closed for most of 2020, it has been recognised that children who attended rural schools and those from poorer households were disadvantaged because of their lack of facilities for remote learning. Consequently, the pass mark for KCPE was lowered. Despite their obvious disadvantages, the Otacho children have all passed and, in some cases, scored very high marks.

Nancy’s story

Nancy is the last born among the two children and is a total orphan. She has been in the orphanage since 2015 from a village of Otacho area, where she was rescued from the wrath of biting poverty. At that time, due to inadequate resources at OCCH it was not very easy to take the other siblings with her. It was also because the other siblings had been taken by other relatives. Nancy is well behaved, a prayer warrior and of excellent academic ability and very respectful. Her ambition is to become a lawyer so that one day she may fight for the rights of the less fortunate in society. She is a polite girl and blends well with other children.

When she is free, Nancy would be reading or playing netball. She also does other chores such as washing up, making her bed and helping the smaller children. Nancy enjoys fish served with ugali, rice served with beans, spaghetti served with beef or chicken.

Donate by Text

Ken has set up a “donr” account for text giving.
Text to 70085. Input Bikenya.....and then the amount

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