About Kenya Thriving

Kenya Thriving was established in 2012 to partner with an existing Kenyan organisation.  Otacho Christian Children's Home is a registered community based organisation, currently caring for fifty one children in a rural community of South West Kenya. Each child comes from the local area having suffered trauma and the loss of one or both parents.

Our vision is to provide every child with a home environment. To achieve this we built five houses on the same site, each designed to accommodate ten children, who are cared for by a houseparent. This vision is funded by the different components of Project 51 which covers every aspect of a child’s care, from food and hygiene needs to education and clothing.

100% of ALL donations go directly to the project and is spent within the local economy. This helps to reduce dependency and emphasises the orphanage as a Kenya community project.

Our emphasis is on partnership because we want to be part of the solution for the children and not the creators of dependency thinking for the organisation. To this end we only support self sustaining initiatives for the orphanage, such as solar lighting and using every house roof to collect water in tanks.

Kenya Thriving has developed over the years from assisting children in the community to supporting the community in caring for orphans in a collectively. Below is a quote from one young resident who arrived in 2015. When asked what difference has being at Otacho Christian Children’s Home made to her life, she replied

Our focus today is about working with our partners to change tomorrow for every child at Otacho Christian Children's Home and enable them to develop to their full potential.

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“Since I came here my life now counts for something”

The faces of Kenya Thriving

Coral Hart

Coral Hart


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