How we help

We help orphans to grow and thrive within their own community and culture.

On this site you can hear their voices and discover the impact which is being made in their lives.  In Kenya there are many orphaned and marginalised children, but we have chosen to do our very best to impact the lives of just fifty one of them via Project 51.

Together with our Kenyan partners, Kenya Thriving gives each child every opportunity to recover from the trauma which brought them to our door and to reach his/her full potential by giving them a childhood where they can grow and develop within their own culture and community; empowering each to go into their future as healthy, educated and well grounded individuals.

It takes just a relatively small amount each month and a whole heap of compassion, to provide holistic care and support for children whose lives have been devastated by bereavement, loss and poverty.

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We help orphans

“Since I came here my life now counts for something”