Personal Hygiene

For most women and girls, it would be unimaginable to have to cope without sanitary protection. However, for lots of women and girls in Kenya, this is exactly the situation they face every month, due to poverty. Girls in this situation will often have to miss three or four days schooling per month. The effect of this on a girl's dignity cannot be measured.

This project has been supplying sanitary towels since 2010 and has impacted the girls of the Children's Home significantly.

Since then, we have gone on to provide all health and hygiene products for Otacho Christian Children's Home including toothpaste and medicine cabinet supplies.

Personal hygiene

Supporting a child costs £1.75 p/month
  • Sanitary products
  • Pyschological Care
  • Dignity
  • Health & Hygiene



Kenya Thriving has built five substantial, single storey houses for Otacho Christian Children's Home, which now resonate to the sound of children's laughter and play.



Being alert means having a full tummy to start the day. The nourishing balanced diet we provide helps to keep the children able to perform well and effectively.

Personal Hygiene


Providing a range of health and hygiene supplies from medicine cabinet items to first aid. Also for cleanliness we provide soap and disinfectant.

Time for School


This unit enables all 51 children of Otacho Christian Children's Home to attend school and obtain a great education in a caring environment.

Woolly Warmers


We are all aware of the importance of keeping babies and children warm, especially during the winter months so provide winter clothes.